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Teleflex Steering

hc5345 front mount cylinder







Front Mount Cylinders - HC5345, HC5347, HC5348


  • Independent engine tilt for twin engine installations.
  • Easy steering.
  • 5 turns lock to lock steering response.


  • General purpose system.
  • Single and multiple engine capability.
  • Total power to 600 Hp.
  • Typical applications include center console fishboats and cruisers.

Teleflex side mount cylinder







Side Mount Cylinder HC5370

Features :

  • Ease of installation.
  • Alternative to Front Mount Cylinder.
  • Unbalanced cylinder with 4.8/5.7 turns lock to lock.
  • Suitable for installation in shallow splashwells.
  • Suitable for use on engines fitted with power steering.


  • All engines with threaded tilt (steering) tubes complying with ABYC P17/NMEA/BIA standards for mechanical steering.
  • Cylinder attaches to the engine tilt tube as per ABYC/NMEA/BIA standard.
  • Single and multiple outboard engine installations.
  • Total power to 600 Hp in counter rotating application.
  • Typical applications include center console fishboats and cruisers.

Teleflex Stern Drive cylinders







Sterndrive Steering Cylinders - HC5314, HC5328, HC5329, HC5330, HC5331, HC5332


  • Easy installation.
  • Simple autopilot interface.
  • Simple multiple steering connection.


  • Fits most power and non-power assist sterndrives.
  • Single and multiple drives .

SeaStar, SeaStar Pro, and SeaStar Commercial Helms

SeaStar helm







HH5271, HH5272, HH5273,
HH5770, HH5741, HH5742,
HH5774, HH5260, HH5261,
HH5262, HH5291, HH5290,
HH5292, HH5217, HH5224



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