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MAROL does not have a North American distributor at this time. We are leaving this page in place in the hopes that one will be announced in the near future. Marol is very high quality equipment, but we have no access to repair parts except direct from Japan.


Marol Marine

Marol is an advanced engineering and technology company, specializing in hydraulic and electronic controls for the marine industry. Since its’ founding in 1938 Marol has been an innovator of precision components and hydraulic control technologies, building on their expertise to develop the most advanced marine steering systems and control mechanisms. From small pleasure craft to large ocean going vessels, Marol Marine is the recognized leader in the field; setting the highest standards of performance and durability.

  • Manual Hydraulic Steering Pumps
  • Linear Cylinders
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Power-Assist

H-600 -- Manual Hydraulic Helm Pumps

The H-600 Series has been developed with a focus on customer's satisfaction during actual use such as steering sensitivity, Marol H600smoothness, durability and reliability.


C-Steer -- Power-Assist Steering System

Sea Steer Power Assist World’s first after-market computer controlled power-assist system compatible with manual hydraulic steering systems
Compact, single-unit device for easy installation in existing and new installation steering systems
Operates efficiently - Operates only when needed for low energy consumption

Ideal for installation on outboard-engine powered boats


MRS - Engine Control System

Smooth, effortless throttle and shift control
No corrosion, lost motion or alignment problems associated with cable systems
Easily installed in single or multi-stations boats

Marol Control Head CH22A





Control Head CH22A


Model CH-22A
Cylinder I.D. 0.87 in (22 mm)
Working Angle 90°
Operation Angle


Displacement 0.53 cu-in (8.7 cu-cm)
Max. Torque 106 in-lbs (12 N-m)
Max. Pressure 352 psi (2.8 MPa)
Marol slaves and accumulator

ACV100 Charge Tank Unit

MMR22S Shift Receiver

MMR22T Throttle Receiver




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