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Identify Your Hynautic System


hynautic h50 helmHelms - Look on the back of the helm unit, near the tube fittings and you will find the model number. In the case of the Hynautic helms, the model begins with the letter H.

Many cylinders, particularly Hynautic and Teleflex, have the model number on a foil label that is frequently missing. They usually start with the Letter K or HC if they are Hynautic or Teleflex. The brass cylinders have model numbers stamped in one of the end caps any usually must be carefully cleaned to see it.

The Hynautic reservoirs have two alpha-numeric designations on each one, such as RV60/RV65 or RV50/55

We do not need to know the model in advance if you are sending it to us for repair. We also do not need your steering wheel.

Some Examples of Hynautic helms and cylinders:

h50 hynautic helm H-50 Helm
h100 hynautic helm H-100 Helm
H21 hynautic helm H-20 Series Helm
h40 hynautic helm H-40 series Helm(two pumps)
The following group of cylinders are aluminum, some of them may be colored brass, but they are aluminum:
hynautic outboard cylinders
hynautic ball joint cylinders
hynautic universal mount cylinder
hynautic tube mount cylinder
The following cylinders are brass:
hynautic brass cylinders
hynautic k-5 brass cylinder
hynautic k-22- k27 brass cylinders
hynautic brass cylinder k-28-29
brass hynautic cylinder k-31




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